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We wish all the money we charged went straight into our pockets! However, there are many costs involved in dentistry which increase year by year.

In the UK, with healthcare in general, we are spoilt and completely unaware of the costs associated in staying overnight in a hospital, visiting our GP or having an operation. Teeth are not unlike the rest of your body.
When dental treatment is required, patients are exposed to the true cost of treatment.

Along with the regular overheads of a running a business – electricity, staff, phone, rent, rates, security and insurance…(you get the idea!), there are additional costs incurred by dentists.

We are bound by law to register with and pay subscriptions to certain regulatory bodies (CQC, GDC, ICO etc.) and indemnifiers. This ensures we maintain certain standards and are safe to practise. Specialised equipment such as dental chairs and 3D scanners are costly to buy and have to be serviced regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose. Materials used are also highly specialised and priced accordingly.

Sometimes, we need to use the services of a dental laboratory and skilled technician to custom make crowns, dentures, bridges etc (these aren’t ‘off-the-shelf’ items). The fees to have these items made are factored into fees charged. Hence the fees we charge have to account for the costs we incur in delivering our service.

All dental health professionals are bound by the General Dental Council to undertake a certain level of ongoing education every year. The clinicians at Monument Dental Studio are dedicated to ensuring they keep abreast of the latest techniques and principles in dentistry and facial aesthetics. Courses, additional training, lectures , treatment plan creation performed outside of working hours and materials are essentially a big cost incurred by dentists and again factored into the fees charged for services.

Finally, there is an issue of the value we place on our oral health. Think of how often you use your teeth and long they last for. Do we take for granted how important a set of healthy, functional, nice looking teeth are? How much do you value your smile? We think nothing of spending money on all sorts of things but we sometimes forget how important our teeth are when it comes to looking after them.

At Monument Dental Studio, we do not compete on price but aim to deliver the care we would hope to receive ourselves if we were on the other end! In this way we are confident that we have your best interests at heart.

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