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This is Anna. For 25 years, she wore a removable Denture and was afraid to smile. We performed something we call a Full Mouth Rehabilitation, where we restored the teeth she lost with dental implants and improved the function and aesthetics with veneers and crowns. We also straightened her lower teeth so her teeth were even and symmetrical. Now she can’t stop smiling. Check out her reaction videos and the testimonial to see what difference this has made to her life.


Chris came to see me many years ago. He had a single toothed denture which he had to take out before bed. He always knew he wanted to improve his smile but thought the only option was to have them all taken out and have false teeth instead. Thankfully we didn’t have to take any teeth out. We stabilised his teeth, with regular fillings and multiple cleans. After that we performed some Teeth Straightening with Clear Aligners to get the teeth into the correct position. He wanted the whitest smile available so we then placed a combination of veneers, crowns and a bridge to give him an awesome smile he is proud off. He now walks around with so much confidence which is amazing to see!


Chloe came to see us wanting to improve the colour and shape of her smile. She had a lot of old silver and white fillings which needed to be refreshed. Chloe wanted a smile that would maintain the colour for 10-15 years+ so she chose to go for ceramic crowns and veneers. She already had an implant in the front, so we had to match the rest of the teeth to the colour of that implant crown. 9 Restorations were used to obtain this beautiful result.


Meet Dean! Super cool Guy! He had some veneers placed on his upper teeth over 20 years ago and came to see us as one of them popped off. He wanted a refreshed look and wanted a whiter smile. Thanks to the advancements in materials, we were able to give his a super bright smile that looks so natural. We performed a Full Mouth Rehabilitation with 24 Veneers and Crowns. Check out to video to see us trialing the veneers :)